Terms & Conditions

    1. Definitions

      1. Bank: HSBC Bank
      2. Offer: The offer means an instant discount of up to 15% given to customers who swipe their HSBC Bank Card at program partnered restaurant. Cardmembers can view the entire list of partner restaurants on www.simplyindulge.in
      3. Qualifying criteria: No minimum spends are required to avail the discount. No maximum discount cap is applicable. Cardmember will have to call out his/her intention to avail the discount before the restaurant bill is generated, and, payment has to be made with a valid HSBC Bank Card. Discount will not be applicable after the bill is generated.
      4. Offer Period: This is an on-going offer with no particular offer end date. However, each participating restaurant will have a unique offer expiry date. Respective restaurant offer validity date will be published against each restaurant name on www.simplyindulge.in
      5. Qualified Customer: The offer is applicable to all valid HSBC Bank Cardmembers
    2. How to avail the Offer

      1. Discount will be applicable across the participating set of restaurants only.
      2. In case a Cardmember wishes to avail the discount; Cardmember has to call out her intent to avail the discount before bill is generated.
      3. Discount amount will be directly reduced from total outstanding at the time of bill generation.
      4. Discount will be applicable after the offer is launched. Retrospective discount will not be granted.
      5. In event a Cardmember is denied the offer; the Cardmember can reach out to customer care of Alliances Galore at 09990746664 for their concern.
      6. Cardmember has to share the invoice in order to claim discount.
      7. If a Cardmember does not use HSBC Bank Card to make the bill payment, discount will not be applicable.
      8. In case a Cardmember states that the restaurant denied the offer and hence the Cardmember did not dine at that restaurant, Bank will take this as a feedback. Cardmember will not be compensated by Bank in such an event.
    3. Offer Terms and Conditions

      1. The Cardmember has to present his valid HSBC Bank Card to the restaurant and state the intention to use the offer before asking for the bill
      2. The benefits as mentioned here in above cannot be used or redeemed in combination with any other discounts or promotions or vouchers or 'Sunday Brunches' or 'Happy Hours' or any other such promotions
      3. The Offer is not valid on the Blackout Dates (24th Dec, 25th Dec, 31st Dec, 14th Feb) & Public Holidays, unless otherwise stated by the individual restaurant we advise to contact the restaurant directly before visiting
      4. The offers mentioned above are subject to change/withdrawal without prior notice
      5. This offer has no monetary value, is not transferable, is not for sale or re-sale nor redeemable for cash
      6. Offer is valid on A La Carte only
      7. Offer is not valid on group bookings (8 pax and above)
      8. The discount is valid on only the net amount (excluding taxes or any other charges)
      9. Any applicable taxes have to be paid by the card holder
      10. In case of any escalation, a copy of the bill is mandatory
      11. The offers are ongoing till the specified validity date
      12. The Offer doesn't guarantee the Reservations & Admissions at participating restaurants (Dining Partner), we advise to contact the restaurant directly before visiting
      13. Individual Restaurant Terms & Conditions apply
      14. Offer is not valid on Home Delivery
      15. In case the restaurant refuse the offer inspite of adhering to all the terms & conditions listed please retain and share the copy of the bill within 72 hours for Reference & Resolution
      16. Rights of admission are reserved by the restaurant


    1. Visa offers Terms and Conditions

      1. All Offers provided are as per Visa.
      2. Individual Terms and Conditions apply to each offer ( refer offer details page)


    1. Communication of the Offer

      1. Entire list of participating restaurants will be available on www.simplyindulge.in
      2. The offer will also be promoted to customers through “SMS and/or e-mailer" on their registered email address or mobile number only.
    2. General Terms and Conditions

      1. This is an exclusive Offer provided by HSBC Bank. All details regarding the Offer are available on the www.simplyindulge.in
      2. The Bank reserves the right to modify / change all or any of the terms applicable to this Offer. The Bank also reserves the right to modify, withdraw or discontinue the Offer without assigning any reasons whatsoever. Neither anything contained in the terms and conditions set out herein nor those forming part of the e-mailers or running this Offer shall be construed as an obligation on the part of the Bank to continue the Offer up to the date of termination/expiry of the Offer.
      3. Participation in this Offer is entirely voluntary and it is agreed and understood by the Participants that participation shall be deemed to have been made on a voluntary basis.
      4. The Offer shall not be available wherever it is prohibited under law and / or cannot be made/continued for any reason whatsoever.
      5. All disputes under this Offer are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts / tribunals of Mumbai.
      6. In all matters relating to this Offer, the decision of the Bank shall be final and binding.
      7. By participating in the Offer, the Participants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions mentioned here and present in communications.
      8. Any tax or other liabilities or charges payable to the government or any other statutory authority/body or any participating establishment, which may arise or accrue to the Qualified Customer, shall be solely borne by the Qualified Customer